Who are You, Really? Are you indeed a "Force of Nature" who can take many forms, relate to many expressions of this larger Life Force Energy? Some people call this larger Energy God, with a specific personality. Some don't, like the Buddhists. I personally take a different approach, understanding what a much larger male form of consciousness told...

It seems like a strange comparison or connection, doesn't it? On one hand, strong, conscious, rational human beings; on the other, small, delicate flowers, so dainty that they could be easily whisked away.

Recently, I received an unexpected text from a new friend, John. He had been sitting on the meditation bench by the peace pole (inscribed "May Peace Prevail on Earth") that our organization, Communities of Peace, ( had dedicated for the local park here in Warrenton. The whole experience had him focusing on "peace" in his...

If you're a woman (and even if you're not) you can relate to your body as being the earth – and the connection with earth as Mother. Somehow there seems to be a natural connection; one that women instinctively "get".

One of the most profound experiences I've had is related to the understanding that Nature feeds the soul. We all know this to some degree, but I'm not sure that we think of the experience in these exact terms.

Are you aware that your own inner nature is related to Nature itself? It's part of what I often call a "Longing for the Divine". And it can happen in many ways.

Your God Glow


Have you ever felt so very "right", so in your groove, both doing and being exactly why you're here on this earth?

Have you ever wondered if you’re in the right place, able to express what’s deep inside you? Being in your true inner nature, so to speak? Whether you have value to others?

The issue of masks is front and center today. But in some ways, we've all worn masks for a much longer time, haven't we? Afraid, at least cautious to let others see who we really are underneath, we protect, so that we won't be judged or hurt. We subconsciously ask the question, "Is it safe to come forward now; to show the Real Me?"...

know now that I was starting to go out of body; as though pulled by a calling too beautiful to resist. My soul was longing to go home to God.