Feeding the Soul


Feeding the Soul

One of the most profound experiences I've had is related to the understanding that Nature feeds the soul. We all know this to some degree, but I'm not sure that we think of the experience in these exact terms.

The "soul" is usually understood to be the composition of experiences and love that continues after one "dies". As a mystic, I've certainly experienced this to be the case, as I watch what happens with people. The gathering of experiences of love and connection are so very important. And the releasing of things that hold us back in this regard as we continue on our journey.

So --- while we're here on this earth, with Nature feeding us, so to speak, how can we take the most advantage of this? Perhaps it can help to begin relating to the Earth in a personal way, perhaps as Mother, as the indigenous people do?

One of the ideal "Mother' characteristics is to love her children just as they are --- their own unique Nature, so to speak. While many of us may not have had this exact experience in our own growing up, perhaps Mother Nature can help to fill in the missing pieces, so to speak?

Here's a suggestion. If you can think of something in your own background where your experience with the Mother love has been incomplete, perhaps where you've not been "gotten" or understood, have this situation in mind. It has an incompletion, a "downer" energy in a way. Without being seen understood, and valued, you aren't able to be totally Present here.

So --- with this in mind, go to a part of Nature (or Mother Nature) that is attractive to you. You'll notice that some part of Nature will present itself to you in a way. It might seem brighter, stronger, more Present itself. As this happens, ask this part of Nature if you can interact with it. Usually you'll get a sense that this is fine; if so, proceed to the next step. If not, thank it and move on.

Ask this part of Nature how you can fill in a "missing piece" that your own mother wasn't able to do, for whatever reason (important not to make your own mother "wrong". We all have had missing pieces).

Then, relax and notice what impressions, what feelings, what inspirations, what understandings come to you from Mother Nature. Usually they'll be subtle, perhaps faint at first. Learn to trust this information as it comes to you. There are many new senses in this realm, and it can take a while to adapt to these levels. It can help a great deal to have a journal or a notebook to write down all of these impressions and understandings.

When the experience seems to be complete, thank Mother Nature for being there for you. Gratitude and acknowledgement is important all around, isn't it?

This is just a beginning example of what is possible for you as your connection with Nature, and the appreciation of Nature as Mother, can do to help you.

In these days of climate change, it's important to be giving back to Mother Nature, don't you think? Mothers tend to give a lot; it's helpful to return the love. Perhaps your experience will help you to understand how you can be giving back. It'll be helpful all around.

With love,

Gerry Eitner