From many years as a mystic and a spiritual coach, I've learned that that the primary goal here is love.  Your life is indeed a love story.

We're here to heal, open, balance and express love, each in our own unique way. All of my counseling, teaching and programs have this as the underlying motivation. You'll find many of these described on this site.

Along the way, I've created a nonprofit organization Communities of Peace  ( for people to express this level of caring into the community.

 I've been involved in the movement for a US Department of Peace, been on the US team to write the Earth Charter, represented a nature-based program at the United Nations Millennium Forum, placed a peace pole in the Pentagon, and initiated a model that became part of both US and UN resolutions for peace.

 I initiated a Reiki healing program at the local hospital that has served hundreds of people, and have opened new levels of experience for hundreds of local schoolchildren by bringing them to the DC embassies, state dept and UN. I've been the shepherdess for a children's peace quilt that has involved thousands of children from 32 countries, and is known for creating "miracles." And more.

That's part of my own love story. I look forward to helping you unfold and express yours!