From many years as a mystic and a spiritual coach, I've learned that that the primary goal here is love.  Your life is indeed a love story.

We're here to heal, open, balance and express love, each in our own unique way. All of my counseling, teaching and programs have this as the underlying motivation - to help you  understand through personal experience that you're more than you have realized.  Much of my work is in helping you to open your own unique Nature by directly Connecting With Nature to then help you heal, balance and open to more expanded levels.

Rather than always sitting on a mountaintop, as this picture may imply, I've been in the system in many ways.  These include working In the corporate/association world in human relations, public relations, development and marketing.  I've also been in the larger public arena with work at the United Nations, with congressional resolutions for peace, teaching consciousness at the Pentagon, placing a peace pole at the Pentagon, giving international talks on peace, and more. 

I've founded a nonprofit organization called Communities of Peace ( where we've done lots of wonderful societal projects.

I have a PhD in Ecopsychology, and have two wonderful adult daughters.

This is my own love story.  I look forward to connecting with you to help bring forth your own!