From many years as a mystic and a spiritual coach, I've learned that that the primary goal here is love.  Your life is indeed a love story.

We're here to heal, open, balance and express love, each in our own unique way. All of my counseling, teaching and programs have this as the underlying motivation - to help people understand through personal experience that they're more than they have realized.  

Rather than always sitting on a mountaintop, as this picture may imply, I've been in the system in many ways.  In addition to positions in the corporate/association world (HR, development, marketing, public relations) I've taught meditation at the Pentagon/officially placed a peace pole there in the prayer room (it still stands there today) 

I've initiated an event between Israelis and Palestinians that became part of both US and UN resolutions for peace, was on the US team to write the Earth Charter, was part of a small input group for a US Department of Peace resolution, founded a nonprofit ( that is meant to practically demonstrate what's possible when people are coming from a loving, more expanded consciousness, represented the nature work that I use at the United Nations, been an international speaker, and was the shepherdess for a children's peace quilt that engaged thousands of children from 32 countries, two secretaries of state, politicians at many levels, teachers, community leaders and more.

I've catalyzed groups of women who are active in making a difference in climate change.  Because I have a PhD in ecopsychology, much of my work is helping people to experience the beauty of their own inner Nature, and expressing it to the fullest.  

Our nonprofit is also working on creating a "Mom" (Mothers on a Mission) version of this project now.  And speaking of "Mom", it's been my most profound role.  Both with my own children and for the children of the world.  It's my calling, so to speak.  

This is my own love story.  I look forward to engaging with you in bringing forth your own!