The Masters Group

This is a select group for people who are studying with me on an intense basis.   The goal is for you to achieve the same spiritual evolutionary level as that of the Ascended Masters (in other words, the Ascension.)   We cover a number of areas that help you to open both deeper and higher levels of your Being,

We cover the following areas:

  • Aligning with Your Higher Self
  • Healing Your Emotional Body
  • Connecting With Higher Frequencies - Becoming Comfortable With the Balance.
  • Holding the Light;  Energy Attunements
  • Developing and Using Your Higher Subtle Senses ("gifts of the spirit") 
  • Communicating Consciously With Your Angels, Spiritual Guides, Teachers.  
  • Expressing and Bringing Forth the Fullness of the Love That You Are.

Please contact me at or call me at 540-937-4940 if you're interested.   I offer a half-hour complimentary consultation so that you can see if this is a fit for you.