Reiki Healing

'll be teaching a First Degree Sacred Heart Reiki class on Tuesday December 12th from 10-5 in Warrenton VA.  The cost is $200 for the day.

Please email me at gerry7253 to rsvp.


I've been a Reiki healer since 1982 and a teaching Reiki Master since 1989. The name Reiki means "universal life energy." The Reiki attunements will connect you at sequential levels with this higher life force. I think of it as God's love, although there are other definitions!  My own Reiki teaching has an extra attunement that will connect you with the Christ energy and begin to open your Sacred Heart (included at His request).

The first level confers the ability to heal yourself and others, as well as to experience a new level of inner peace.  The second level adds more power to your healing, and enables you to heal in the mental/emotional areas, as well as to heal at a distance. The Masters level enables you to teach, to pass the energy along to others.