The Mockingbird


Have you ever wondered if you’re in the right place, able to express what’s deep inside you?   Being in your true inner nature, so to speak?  Whether you have value to others?


It’s an uneasy place.  And often your true inner nature is hidden, (thus the masks?)  programmed, suppressed, unexpressed, therefore misunderstood by others.   Not really connected, so to speak.


For the millennium in 2000, I had been asked to represent the Reconnecting With Nature work that I use at the United Nations Millennium Forum.  It was an honor to be asked, and I was looking forward to it.  


Just prior to this, someone whose opinion I valued said to me, “Gerry, you’re all over the map!  You’re here, there, into so many different things.  You need to concentrate on only one thing,”  


I was really concerned.   I really wasn’t like most people, and I was into lots of things.  Perhaps he was right.  Perhaps I was way off course and had no value to anyone.  


I lived in a high-rise apartment at the time, and went to sleep in a disturbed state, inner gnarling at work.  


At 3:00 in the morning I was awakened by a bird singing right outside my third-floor window.  It was a mockingbird.  Its serenade must have included at least 22 different songs, each more beautiful than the next.  


Just to emphasize the point, it came again at 3:00 the following morning.  “Got the message?”  it seemed to say.  “This is my nature, what is right for me.  I’m not like any other bird, and I don’t even think of trying to be anything else.  The same needs to go for you.”  


I was reminded of this experience this afternoon, when going to nature with a similar question, about next steps.  Immediately a mockingbird showed up, first flying by, then showing itself at different angles, just to make sure the message was received.


It’s so very important for you to be true to your own inner nature – whatever this is.  Inside you have a deep, rich, unique gift that only you can share with others.   You need to express this, to be heard, understood and supported.  


This is what my teaching and programs are all about – helping you to get to this place.  Contributing, creating, connecting, collaborating.  


Let me know if I can help.


With love,