Becoming the Squirrel


Are you aware that your own inner nature is related to Nature itself? It's part of what I often call a "Longing for the Divine". And it can happen in many ways.

When you're truly open inside, the connection will be reflected. It plays into the eternal question of "who am I, really?"

A friend just now called to tell of a totally new experience for her. Elaine has been deeply connected with Nature for many years - a wildlife rehabilitator, a nature teacher to lots of neighbors and children. She feeds the birds and the squirrels regularly, looking out her kitchen window at "Elaine's Kitchen" as she calls the outside feeding place there.

She tried something new yesterday, by adding peanuts in the shell for the squirrels. Yesterday, a squirrel took one of the peanuts, and looked Elaine straight in the eye as this happened. She tells me that "all of a sudden, I became the squirrel. For a moment or so, there was no difference! I've never had this experience before!"

This is someone who has had a very strong connection with Nature for many years. But she's experiencing a whole new level now.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? If so, you're well on your way! Our Connecting With Nature programs

can help open these levels as well. The experiences can be not only deeply meaningful, but educational and lots of fun!

With love,