Your God Glow


Have you ever felt so very "right", so in your groove, both doing and being exactly why you're here on this earth?

If so, you might recognize the sensation, the feeling of just "glowing". Things are so very right, so happy, so very meaningful that people might use that term about you. As in, "I looked at you, and you were glowing."

It feels good, doesn't it? Feels right.

This morning, I heard someone use the term "The God Glow". It fit. And it makes sense in not only a feel good, appropriate goal kind of way, but in a spiritual way as well.

When you're in your groove to that extent, you're both carrying light and giving it away, so to speak. It can actually be seen and felt around you. It's as though holding it is just too much, and it can't help but spill out from you.

When it's seen, in various shades of white/gold, it's known as the aura. That's what you'll see in picture of Jesus, various saints, and angels.

I would guess that you haven't ever thought of yourself as a saint. But when you're bringing forth what you're here to do, when it's so very right for you that you can't help but be "giving it away", you are moving into this category.

How about that?

Is this something that you want to do, to feel, this "God Glow?" It's all about love, of course. And you have a very special something to share in this regard.

I'm here to help. This is what I love to do.

With love, Gerry