The Blade of Grass and the Universe


Who are You, Really? Are you indeed a "Force of Nature" who can take many forms, relate to many expressions of this larger Life Force Energy? Some people call this larger Energy God, with a specific personality. Some don't, like the Buddhists. I personally take a different approach, understanding what a much larger male form of consciousness told me, that "he was the lover and I am the loved" – that this burst of energy (The Big Bang) was because He couldn't hold all of the love. It's a rather romantic approach, but hey. It's what I was told when I asked.

I think we all have our own experiences. The capacity to merge with any form of this life force is important to understand; we all do this in various aspects as we decide how we can and do relate to people, animals, mountains, oceans, other forms of Nature.

One of my most memorable experiences was merging sequentially with one blade of grass, then the entire universe. One small aspect was the immediate door to the ultimate. I'll never forget it.

I was doing an exercise from the Reconnecting With Nature work, that I've used for 25 years now. Have even forgotten the exact question with which I went to Nature, and this was obviously important. In any case, I was living in an apartment in a high-rise in Alexandria, VA at the time – in metropolitan DC, luckily with some beautiful aspects of nature surrounding the building. I was drawn to one blade of green grass to answer my question, and focused on it. The connection was there; then the same connection, immediately out into the entire universe. Holding it all, at the same time, so to speak.

It's not easy to maneuver this lifetime, holding the immediate and the ultimate all at once, is it? The overall perspective of why you are here, and then what to do with it, in the immediate moment?

I hope this experience, and this observation, can be helpful to you in your own journey here.

With love,

Gerry Eitner