Masks and Vulnerability. "is it Safe to Come Out Now?"


The issue of masks is front and center today. But in some ways, we've all worn masks for a much longer time, haven't we? Afraid, at least cautious to let others see who we really are underneath, we protect, so that we won't be judged or hurt. We subconsciously ask the question, "Is it safe to come forward now; to show the Real Me?"

Perhaps you don't even know the fullness of Who you really are yet. Perhaps there's a higher purpose to these times, pulling you in ways that you don't understand. You may have a glimmering, some nudges, an inner pull towards something, somewhere undefined.

You know that it involves more that you're currently experiencing. You know that it involves connection; something meaningful. You know that it involves human connection in ways that you've been missing. You'll be feeling a deeper connection to Nature, the beauty and peace of it. It relates to the slowing down, the pull to fully express your real inner nature. It involves depth; and making more sense of things now.

Perhaps it's time now to "take the mask off."

You're a spiritual being - a "being of light" - literally. This is what the halos around pictures of saints are. It's light. You're meant to carry this light in your body; in your very being. It's literally the light of God. And now is the time when this is possible, at new levels.

It means opening up the reality of Who You Are - that spiritual being having an earth experience. It means being open and vulnerable to speak the truth of your vulnerability - your thoughts, your caring, your hurts, the very rich love that you are.

It's been traumatic to be here in your fullness; your sensitivity. People can hurt. Sometimes they don't mean to, but at other times they do. Often, they're reacting out of their own insecurities; their own hurts and fears.

So --- you've placed layers of protection around you so that you won't be hurt again. That's the way trauma works. We protect so that we can even function somehow.

But light is power. Your energy is power. A society built on domination is one that uses others' power. Purposely.

There's another way, and now is the time for it. It's one of Harmony, and built on natural attractions. Each person having his or her own goals, talents, value. No one higher or lower than another, just Being here, expressing Who You Are. A world built on attraction, on shared interests, expression and contribution. It's more the natural way that the universe works. And it's certainly more appealing than being dominated - or dominating! That's never felt quite right either, has it?

It's time now to Carry the Light, heal the trauma, and fully express Who you are. It's being in your own nature. Comfortable, since you don't have to try to be anything else.

This is what the organization I founded, Communities of Peace, is all about.  It's about connecting with others who care about the same things as you.  There are different levels of ways that you can be involved. Some involve healing trauma. Some involve carrying the light. Some involve being in community so that you can connect, share and create with others. If you're interested, contact communitiesofpeace@gmail, and check the website at