What Does "Peace" Mean to You? Do You Want It?


Recently, I received an unexpected text from a new friend, John. He had been sitting on the meditation bench by the peace pole (inscribed "May Peace Prevail on Earth") that our organization, Communities of Peace, (www.communitiesofpeace.org) had dedicated for the local park here in Warrenton. The whole experience had him focusing on "peace" in his own life, and what this meant to him. Where he was experiencing this, and where he wasn't.

The word, "peace", is a simple one, isn't it? I'm not sure how many people tend to think of it unless they're in a situation where they really don't have it. And some people seem to have the capacity to have inner peace even when the external situations would indicate otherwise.

That's quite an achievement, and sounds like a good goal for everyone, wouldn't you say?

The organization I founded includes the word "peace" for a reason. I want to help people achieve this inner sense of fulfillment, wisdom, and comfort, by realizing and experiencing that they're in the right place, at the right time, doing what they're here to do, and having done the best they can. It's a sense of being complete. And then to be ready for their next stage of evolvement.

It's important to feel innocent, creative, loved, valued, understood, and forgiven. All of these are key in feeling complete, or at peace. This happens at many levels, and each one is important. Healing at one level will help you to open to your next level of evolvement – to carry more light, so to speak. Humans are capable of many levels that they haven't experienced yet.

Harmony is important as well. The understanding that "peace" is often, if not always, a co-creation. That means interacting with others and understanding that our inner desires can bring answers to us in the form of people or situations, by natural attraction. It's important to know what questions our minds and hearts are asking. That takes some deep looking. Then, to understand how to view and interact with the people and situations that we attract into our lives.

So --- is the word "peace" attractive to you, as it was recently to my friend John? If so, I've created a number of ways to help you, either individually or in groups. Some of these tools/answers are energetic, such as Reiki attunements, which help you to "carry the light" --- in my own approach, the Christ level of light. Some of these are interactive programs with Nature, to help you to heal and open your own psychological nature. Some have to do with the traumas that all of us deal with and have affected our psychological nature; thus blocking us from being whole and complete.

These programs, especially the Nature ones, also will help you to experience a support system --- of people who understand you and care about you. This is something that many people find lacking in today's world.

My goal is to provide programs for you to feel complete, comforted, Self-expressed, and "at peace" as you view yourself, this world, and the part you've played in it.

Let me know if this goal and this approach speaks to you. There are a number of ways we can work together toward this goal. It's my great joy to do this, and to find the people who want what I have.

With love,

Dr. Gerry Eitner