Loving as God Loves


What is our goal here as a human being in this lifetime?

Could it be learning to love as God loves? Here's my own story about this.

In 2006, I moved to a light-filled home in the countryside near a small Virginia town, on a beautiful little lake. For some years prior to this, I had been living in a cement highrise, in the megalopolis that surrounds Washington DC. Although the building had beautiful landscaping and was located near a small stream, these were the only connections I had with the life force energy held in Nature. It felt as though my soul was slowly dying inside.

It took me a full three months to adapt to relaxing into the beauty of Nature. I would lie on my bed, in the many-windowed bedroom, and deeply rest, absorbing the beauty of the water, the herons, the geese, the very aliveness and love that each expression of Life would bring forward. A restoration was happening that filled my soul. It took its own time. There was no pushing it.

One day, well into that three month period, an incredible white light filled the room. At the central point of this light was awareness, beauty, innocence, connection, purity. Words aren't adequate to describe the beauty. It felt like a visitation from God. From my heart sprung the words, "I want to love like God loves."

I think it's been a good goal. So what were the factors that led to this connection, this experience? Can I help others to experience this, if they wish?

Slowing down. Connecting to the life force in nature. Relaxing into beauty - the beauty of nature, the beauty of one's own inner nature. Restoring. Being available to this beauty. The beauty of others' inner nature as well. Following one's natural attractions to that beauty, that love.

The exquisite light and consciousness that filled the room wasn't contained in any part of what you would consider the tangible nature of this earth world. It was beyond the scope of the usual senses. It was total love.

I was being shown something vitally important. While one is here in this earthly experience, connecting with the truth, the expression, the very beauty of Nature itself, is key. Relaxing into, unfolding and expressing the beauty of one's own inner nature is key as well. It's all about the love that is expressed in this way.

I'll say more about this experience, this understanding, and this commitment in subsequent blogs. It's so important now. If you're interested in exploring the beauty of your own inner nature, let me know.