Mother energy


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We all inherit our earliest ability to love and be loved from our parents.  These are our earliest influences.  In many ways, you can think of it as a "programming of your mental and emotional hard drive."  

So if your mother or father wasn't perfect in their own ability to love (and who is?)  then how can you fill in the gaps for yourself?   It's best not to cast blame on your parent (your mother in this case) in that they also inherited their own ability to love, and did the best they could.  And who wants to carry all of that victimization energy in your own field?  What a waste of time!  

Working along with The Great Divine Director, I've recorded a 15 minute energy focus to help you fill in the missing Mother Love pieces for yourself.  You can think of this as an entrainment, an opening to a wonderful Mother love.  (This also helps if you're a mother yourself and want to love your children in the very best way possible.)  It's a good thing all around!

If you're not famiiar with The Great Divine Director,  He was Jesus' mentor (as well as mentoring other wellknown ascended masters).  I find Him to be just filled with incredible white light.  And perhaps best of all, He is someone whose focus is helping people to reduce and eliminate their karma - traumas, hurts, missing pieces in the mental and emotional bodies.   That means if you ask Him for help, you will be likely to get it.  

You can find the recording here.        You're welcome to pass this information on to others to whom it can be helpful.    If it's been meaningful to you, and you'd like to make a donation to the nonprofit that I founded, you're welcome to do so here    

Sending lots of Mother love to you, Gerry