Why The Masters Group Was Formed


Do you know who the Ascended Masters are?

If not, you might think of them as "saints."  They are enlightened souls who are not in bodily form at this point.  They have had the experience of being human, so they  understand what it's like to live here on this earth.  They've chosen to stay close, so that they can help people here when it's possible.  At this point, they don't have to incarnate on this earth anymore, because they have reached a certain point of evolution.  Some would call this process "ascension."  

Over the years, I've interacted personally with many of these Ascended Masters.  They've been my valued teachers and friends.

Twenty-five years ago, three of them came to me.  You will most likely recognize the name of one -- Jesus.  One, El Morya, is known for starting important movements.  The other is known for his great love for Nature.  In one of his lifetimes, he was known as St. Francis.

They wanted me to start something called The Masters Group.   I believe now is the time.

Most Ascended Master groups have one person who is a "channel" for messages from the various Ascended Masters.  Although I'm capable of doing this, they wanted this approach to be different.  Rather than have people listen to messages and thinking, "Oh, I could never be that evolved", the purpose for this group would be for people to develop their own "Mastery" - to then achieve the ascension level themselves.

They also indicated that there would come a time when a big human evolution would be possible.  I saw it as a "jump-off point" to the next level of evolution.  It would also be a time when people would really want to take advantage of this opportunity.  The world would be going through a huge change. 

Now is that time.  You can see that this is a time like no other that you've experienced.

I believe that wise people will take advantage of this opportunity.  It's a good idea to do this at any time, but especially so now.  

If you'd like to be involved in The Masters Group, I've designed a number of modules to help you.  They're included on this site under "My Work"  in a section called The Masters Group.

With love,

Gerry Eitner