The Use of Power


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January l, 2019

A New Use of Power

As 2019 begins, I'd like to express some thoughts - on the human condition, the world, our current situation, and the questions that people are asking. Who are we? How do we find and create answers to the problems that we see? Is it possible to move through the divisiveness, the destruction, and survive?

I believe that we need to have a new perspective, from which everything then flows. And that the perspective needs to be based on power, on love, and on each person's expression of this.

For too long now, power has been used to dominate and control. And it hasn't worked. It's been a case of power over another. This has usually been connected with the male. We can see evidence of this now in the political authority figures that lead a variety of countries now. And they're flexing their muscles - nuclear and otherwise. We're on the edge.

I'm not a man hater at all - I like men. And I don't think that all men abuse power. But that misuse of power that has typically been used by men is - shall we say, outdated? We're close to destroying ourselves by that domination - whether it's through war or through domination of the environment ("Mother Earth," generally considered as feminine.)

I suggest that there's another way, based on love, attraction and creation. As a mystic, it's what I see when I go "out there" in the universe with questions. In this perspective, everyone is a spark of the Divine or of God. Each one is powered by a momentum of that larger Love. Each one is unique, with special inherent qualities that reflect this love, and are wanting to be expressed. That "expression" is then a natural contribution to others.

Because we carry a unique nature, or configuration, we then naturally attract (perhaps this is the "magnetism" in an electro-magnetic universe?) that - or those --- with whom we can be creative. It's rather like the NA (sodium) Cl (chloride) that then becomes something new (salt) in the combination. There are all kinds of configurations of this. The creation is based on being truly Who we are, speaking and living the truth of this, and interacting with others who help this creation in the process.

Sometimes our emotional bodies (a particular spectrum or layer of energy that each person carries) are carrying traumas, hurts, resistances, etc. from prior experiences. Since I remember some of my prior lives, I view each soul as a continuum, with a thematic momentum that expresses in a variety of evolutionary steps or lifetimes. More on this in another blog.

Whether one believes in reincarnation or not, I notice that a trauma becomes activated in a person's early life. In my opinion, working through and releasing this "trauma" has a great deal to do with the reason that a person is here in this lifetime, and the positive creative momentum that this soul is to bring forward. It's connected to the promises that the soul makes in coming here.

As a personal example, I experienced a huge psychological spiritual trauma as a child being raised in the Catholic Church. That identification and release of the trauma, reorientation, and creating a new perspective --- for me and for others who are looking for answers -have been necessary steps in my own creative expression. It's been an important part in my own perspective on power and domination.

My work with people, this website, and the next step tools that are provided for you are the answers that I've found. I hope you'll join us in creating a world that is "powered by the love of God."

With love,