The Mission


Perhaps now is the time to tell the whole story --- of the time that i was shown some 33 years ago, the implications, the perspective and the answer.  The time is now.

The background:  About 33 years ago, I was "taken up" into what in the Bible is sometimes called the Throne of God.  Another term for this is the Merkabah.  For years I called it the "ship of light" to avoid the judgement that might come if I referred to it as a spaceship. The level of this experience was such that it didn't relate to anything in what one thinks of as the UFO arena.  There are probably a number of instances that happen on those levels.  This level was way above that:  I would say a number of dimensions above.  I can see why the biblical references to these things speak in a way that connects it with Who they call God.

At the time of the experience, I was lying on a bed in my townhouse in Fairfax, VA.  I'm not sure whether I was meditating or just resting.  I wasn't sleeping.

All of a sudden, I was surrounded by a tube of bluish/white energy, and I was being lifted up into something that was ephemeral; whitish.  I knew that it was the underside of something that was a vehicle of sorts.  At that point, I blanked out, unable to remain conscious.  In retrospect, I know that I was "on the ship" for a period of time, receiving information.  That information started becoming conscious for me, in a sequential manner, later.  It was a lot to absorb.  And much of me didn't want to absorb it; be with it.  You'll see why.

Not long after the initial experience, I was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night.  I was made aware that there was something implanted in my upper right area, above the breast and below the collarbone.  It seemed like a piece of white light.  I knew that if someone went in there with a scalpel, they wouldn't find a material thing.  But whatever this might be called, "(microchip?  transponder?) the connection with these Beings on the Merkabah has continued.

Along with this experience came the words, "The Mission, The Mission, The Mission."  I knew it was incredibly important.  Then, I was told that i was The Mission Chief.

Over a period of time, I would question what was the nature of The Mission.  There were a number of years when I resisted the information.  It was a lot.

I was shown that there would be a time when it would be necessary (and possible) for people to leave this earth and be taken to a next place of residence.  That, as the "mission chief" I would be the first one to go, and demonstrate that it was not only possible, but desirable and indeed, needed.  It looked like there would most likely be a possibility of going back and forth for at least a period of time.

That transition would be facilitated by this Merkabah --- and perhaps by more than just one, I'm not sure.  Where the next place/home would/will be, I'm also not sure.  It will be a place where our next level of evolution can effectively take place.  To do this, it will be necessary to complete a cycle of evolution here first --- in other words, get to a certain "spiritual" place.  One way of saying this might be the Christ Level.  To my understanding, this level also relates to clearing what is known as the Emotional Body.  This is where trauma, grief, fear, anger, competition, greed, dominance, and other negative emotions exist.  The goal is love, and light.  These are the "tickets to ride" so to speak, even literally in this case. 

I believe that this is what happened with Jesus in what is called the Transfiguration (carrying more light, visible to others) and the Ascension (being "taken up" into a "cloud" where he eventually disappeared.  I've seen these particular clouds twice in my life now.  I believe that this "cloud" was covering a Merkabah, which is actually an interdimensional vehicle  This kind of vehicle can move through the dimensional layers, becoming more visible to the human eye as it enters our particular dimension.  This isn't easy as it gets closer here, because the energy here is somewhat less compatible with the energy where they're from.  

They (the people on the ship) are much more advanced than we are.  I would say that they're all at the Christ level at least.  They're human, and very attractive.  They've told me that they're from "behind Orion" and have come here through what they called two "windows."  I understood that term to mean a dimensional hyper-jump, a portal, where there was a change of state and also the ability to travel much faster than the speed of light.  In other words, they could well be from two dimensions, or octaves, away.  This would relate to a much higher level of consciousness.

A major part to this story is what they've told me about the "when" they'll be here to take people away.  They indicated that there would be a huge economic situation that would be happening, that would be worse than the great depression.  That the systems on which our society were built would be affected dramatically.  There were other major effects that I was not to be shown, even though I asked.  I understand this time to be beginning now.  

They indicated that I was to help people through this transition.  When I would ask what the underlying factors were that made life here unsustainable, they didn't answer.  They just indicated that it would be unsustainable, and that I wouldn't want to be here. 

But it's also a time of a great transformation.  It's the  Ascension, the Rapture -- there are many names for this.  It's the next step of human evolution.  It's ascending into Light  -- as Christ did.  And it's a great opportunity.

I'm available to work with people in a number of ways if you're interested in the preparation.  Any way that one looks at it, carrying light and love, clearing the emotional body, completing this cycle is a good thing!

With love,

Gerry Eitner