Climate Change - Trauma, Grief and Love


It's now becoming impossible to ignore the reality of climate change. Weather extremes, record temperatures, devastation from fires and flooding - too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry.

We've heard the statistics now, for years. But perhaps it might be more effective to look at this in a different way; a more personal one - from the heart, and into the realm of trauma and grief.

No wonder some people don't want to look at the implications. Our whole planet becoming unlivable? The end of humanity within just a few years? The impact of this is so huge that the mind doesn't have the capacity to grapple with it; the heart doesn't have the strength. The implications to our lives, our children's lives; are too --- enormous, and traumatic.

I think the underlying issues here are trauma, grief, and love.

Way down deep, people can sense that this is a very big deal. If the scientists are correct, there's a huge loss coming and well underway - of our home, of our family; of each other.

I think that the underlying sense of this, conscious and unconscious, results in depression, anxiety, avoidance, acting out, spinning out of control, diversion into other dramas/conflicts, and more. There's an inclination in some to deny and divert so that one doesn't have to deal. But it's the most important thing humanity has going on now.

We don't always think of this in such a personal way. But earth is indeed, our home. It's where we live, where we relate, where we as human beings can even exist. If you understand as the indigenous people do, you recognize that the Earth acts as our Mother - nurturing us, providing the very basics that we as humans need to live.

What if this is all gone, in a few years? Can we even begin to grasp the implications?

So let's look at the Earth as our Mother, providing our home. If we love her, we don't want her to die. We want her to live - for her, and for us. Like any mother, she keeps giving. But she also needs love back. She needs to be treated with love, with awareness, and with care.

And we need to treat each other, our human family, with love, understanding. awareness and care. We're all in this together. And love is always the answer.

Sometimes the threat of loss is the only thing that wakes one up. We don't protect that which we don't love. But perhaps it's not that we don't love the Earth, and love each other (as well as love ourselves). Perhaps there's something standing in the way. Perhaps we're traumatized by the deep implications. Perhaps the underlying deep grief is too much to bear.

Trauma causes paralysis; shock; inaction. Coming out of it requires facing it, speaking it. Only then can we move into positive, creative action, each in his or her own way. Then, the love that we have; the love that we indeed are, can find the next steps.

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With love,