A therapist asks "Why Prepare for Death?"


February 13, 2019

Recently, a therapist friend came to me with lots of questions about death.

That's a big subject. It's generally considered the ultimate fear of people here.

I told him that my own experience is that people would be wise to prepare for their own death way before it happens.  And that it can be done in a way that is positive, interesting, fulfilling and even exciting! 

Why?  And How?

Because you're here in this lifetime to complete some things, and it makes a big difference to your next step that happens when you "die." Your awareness goes on, much the same as it was when you were here. The levels that you achieve here in this world translate to your next steps.

You're there in that nonphysical world for a period of time, then you come back again (reincarnate) to move toward that emotional completion. It's a recurring cycle that goes on until you get to a certain point - then, you have another, different opportunity. (More about that at the end of this.)

How do I know this? Because as a mystic, I've watched people go through the "death" process, and how they emerge into their next place. Sometimes they communicate with me. At times I've been able to help them. And I have seen that people move into different levels of existence, depending on what things they've "completed" here, and what level, or "frequency" they're on. Who they are with depends on this level.

Those "completions" have to do with negative emotional patterns, how one treats others, and the amount of love that one carries.

Because I've remembered some of my past lives, I know that there are major unconscious memories and emotional patterns that are brought forward into this one. Because of this, it's critical to identify these patterns (one term for this is past life regression) and diffuse them/turn them around while you have the opportunity in this lifetime.

Because I've interacted with guides, angels, ascended masters, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Shiva and more, I'm familiar with these higher levels, and often live on those levels. They are like my friends here, only on a different level. It helps to be able to connect with them so they can help you here.

My opinion is that we're at an evolutionary "jump-off point" now. That it's possible for some people to ascend to the next dimensional "world" where a whole new cycle is possible. What an opportunity this is! This whole thing can be done with a positive attitude, with joy, love and grace.

I'm available to help you do all of the above, if you'd like.

The Masters Group (on this site, under "My Work") is a good place to start.